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The No Overwhelm Packing List For An Overnight Stay With Baby

Kate Patch | 24 April, 2023

            The No Overwhelm Packing List For An Overnight Stay With Baby

My name is Sharne and I am the owner of Darne Creations. I'm a registered midwife by trade and Mama to a toddler and another on the way! My son Alfie was born with a congenital heart defect and as a consequence we have spent a lot of time in hospital! So here are a few tips on what I find helpful for packing for bubs during an overnight stay. 


Emergency or not, have you ever found yourself at a loss for what to pack for your babies overnight stay in hospital? 

Well, having spent A LOT of Alfie’s (my now almost 2yr old) life in hospital, (close to 100 in fact) I have just a tad bit of experience up my sleeve 😉

 What to pack in baby hospital overnight bag

My top tips for what to pack for a SHORT STAY:

If you have a PLANNED overnight stay, or even if your RUSHING to pack, if you have this packing list at your side you will be good to go, and not even have to think about worrying about the packing side of things….. because I know… right now…. The most important thing on your mind is your child’s health! 

ok… so here we go 

  • 3-5 Easy Access onesies, this includes press studs (I know I know, they are an absolute nightmare to put on… but so easy for all those cords, wires and tubes to come out of) or double zip onesies (I prefer studs though) HOT TIP: if you can, pack clothes you’re not that attached to… as they could get lost, get blood/poo/wee/vomit/medication etc… stains on it. 
  • Swaddle wrap and blanket …. The hospital does provide these, but it’s just nice to have your own stuff, well it made me feel more comfortable and ‘homey’ anyway. And plus it made Alfie look super cute!! 
  • Regular Meds: If your child takes regular meds, make sure you take them to the hospital so that the medical team knows exactly what they are taking, and can also give it to them as needed. Sometimes depending on when you go the pharmacy is closed, or doesn’t stock those particular meds… so it’s just easier to take them with you! 
  • Baby bottle: if your babe uses a specific bottle teat then I would recommend taking it with you, as well as the FORMULA that you use as again, the hospital may not stock it. If they do stock it, they will make it up using theirs so that you can save some money and use yours when you get home! 
  • Portable white noise machine: I have the baby sleep school white noise machine and it is a game changer!! Not only for at home, but on the go as well!! It’s good if you can keep as much ‘normal’ as possible for your babe so that they feel as comfortable as they can whilst they are sick.  
  • Comforter: If your baby has a favourite teddy, BRING IT!! Oh the wonders of a calming teddy! Oh also, cheeky side note (we sell sweet comforters and lovey's that you might like) See our website!!
  • Toy: I would recommend bringing at least one if not more small age appropriate toys, don't go too overboard, but at least have something with you that can entertain them when just waiting around all day. 
  • Blue Book: This is SA's child and youth health book that you are given at birth (other states have different colours). Don't worry too much if you cant find it on the day, but its always useful to have for up to date weights etc. 

 So Mumma's to put it simply ... you don't need a whole lotta stuff for your little ones, just enough to get through a night or two. 

I will be doing another blog soon about what to pack for parents during an overnight stay in hospital so watch out for that friends!!
And I will also be releasing my top tips for how to SURVIVE loooonnngggg hospital stays, because trust me, it takes practice, endurance and lots of support and prayer. 
Thanks for reading lovely people, I will see you all soon!
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Have a wonderful weekend Mamas xx
Sharne owner of Darne Creations Baby Boutique and handmade items