Our swaddles are a lighter version of our original blankets with them being a single layer.

Our blankets are backed, so two layers. Whereas these beautiful swaddles are a single layer.


~Perfect for the mums who want a less heavy blanket 

~Not as much fabric to overwhelm a new born for those first photos.

~Same big 110cm x 110cm size

~Better for our budget conscious mamas

~Same gorgeous look!!

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Buttercup Pink ~ Swaddle
Classic White ~ Swaddle
Heirloom White ~ Swaddle
Eucalyptus ~ Swaddle
Navy ~ Swaddle
The Chloe ~ Swaddle
Lacey or lace edged baby blanket in cream colour for a neutral soft or earthy nursery or baby nook hanging over a cot with floral sheets
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