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Looking after mum in the midst of motherhood

Kate Patch | 21 August, 2021

            My Loxxi guest bloggers on seld care for new mums and finding time in the midst of motherhood

Finding Your Balance

If you have or have had a newborn, you know that every month comes with its own challenges. Maybe it is the Wonder Weeks, teething, sleep regressions, the list is never ending. In these times, it is extremely difficult to find time for yourself. It is all about balance right? Well, if you haven’t found YOUR balance, don’t worry you are in good company because we are STILL working on ours. We are Shantel and Lina and we are the founders of My Loxxi.


Motherhood is already a time of big changes and learning and especially if you are a new mum. We all want to be the one who bounces back right after birth and finds her groove that first week, I know I did, but if I am honest, I still haven’t found that groove and I have a 2.5 year old! So much is changing within ourselves and now we also have to manage the changes of this beautiful tiny human that JUST. WON’T. SLEEP. I think most mums just want to help bub and forget to take care of themselves. It’s a common, selfless thing we do as mothers but in reality, taking time to find out who WE are in this new stage of life is important.

What is the importance of self-care in motherhood?

Having a healthy relationship with ourselves will help us give our best to our bubs. I like to think of it like airlines, put on YOUR oxygen mask first. This is the same for life! In order for you to give your best self to your bub, you need to take care of YOU, mama! Making sure you have an outlet and down time doing something you love or relaxes you everyday. There are so many excuses and To-Do lists, that often we do not take that time for ourselves, but this can cause a build up of stress and end in tears of overwhelm (which we know still happens).

How can I make self-care a priority in my life?

This is much harder than you think it would be, like I said before I am still finding my balance. We have to stretch our time between bub, work, home duties, partners and somehow find time for self-care. But where do we start?

>Start small! Aim for 30 minutes a day. That could be watching a show, taking a bath, going for a walk or even taking a nap.

>Plan it! It may sound weird but set an alarm, maybe while bub is napping or once they go to sleep, have it planned so that you do it! You might have laundry or dishes or lunches to pack, but take a step back, those things can wait 30 minutes.

> Don’t make it a chore! Have the mindset that it is something you GET to look forward to, not HAVE to do.

>Change it up! There are no rules to what you can do, it is whatever will relax you or make you happy. Maybe even try something new.

As mums we need to give ourselves a break and not feel guilty for taking time for us. Let’s show our kids how to take care of ourselves, physically, emotionally and mentally. It starts with you! Mama you matter!

My Loxxi is founded by Shantel and Lina both first time mums and each have 2.5 year olds (only 2 weeks apart!) They started My Loxxi because they found themselves struggling during those first years when bub is changing and those tough stages such as leaps and sleep regressions. They wanted to bring some goodies and smiles to mum, when you are giving everything to bub. My Loxxi is a subscription box service for mums, delivering boxes each month filled with self-care goodies along with information on what mum and bub might be going through based on their bubs age. Each box changes monthly but is always filled with items to help make self-care just a little more achievable. While you support bub, we support you!

You can visit My Loxxi's website here 

Or chat to Shantel or Lina or follow along on their journey on socials. Instagram or Facebook

My Loxxi Subscription boxes for new mums who need self care and love