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How to take an announcement picture you will adore

Kate Patch | 09 September, 2020

            How to take an announcement picture you will adore

Are you getting ready to welcome your little one?

Announcing your little ones arrival is something we all look forward to and put thought into because you get to do it once and its pretty special occasion sending out photos to loved ones and family to "meet" your little bundle.

I am completely humbled every time I am tagged in an announcement picture with your little one wrapped in a Heritage Blanket. This photo is the exact reason that Heritage Blankets was born. It was to have something that was timeless, beautiful and unique to honour how special and loved this little baby was.

These photos are all taken by the beautiful community or family that has grown here at Heritage Blankets. These photos, plus my tips will help you also take a photo and adore that photo for ever.


What should you take to the hospital to help take your photo?

✨An outfit.

Go with something plain, soft and fitting so that it shows of how little your newborn is. If you decide to make the outfit a chunky knit or something unique like a hand-me-down dress that you wore when you were born then make everything else plain so that your photo doesn't become busy.

I recommend Jamie k, sushoshki, or target for their little newborn fitted clothes. Or if you would like something unique then zobo the label has beautiful embroidered rompers too.


✨A head-band

A little floral crown or a petite bow for a little girl is so gorgeous! I love how a bow can draw the eye to the luscious newborn hair. For a little man, try a knitted bonnet. My recommendations for a headband would be Nature Crowns or you can shop actual photography headbands here that are made by Sarah


✨An announcement plaque.

We have just added wooden handmade announcement discs to the website. they have our pretty vintage rose design on them. Shop them Here. My other go to place to shop would be Zilvi



I recommend choosing too complementary blankets. You could use a knitted blanket with a plain Heritage Blanket. Or a plain background blankets with a pretty floral to wrap and lay your bub on top of.


Iron everything before you pack your hospital bag. And consider packing these items into a separate reusable bag to keep them separate and easy to pull out when you take your photos or when your photographer arrives.


Picking a good time.

When your bubs is finished having a little feed or is very content is perfect. Does your midwife come around and do rounds? Consider timing away from that visit. I know when I stayed in with my babies, mornings were filled with paediatrician, midwives, hearing checks etc, whereas afternoons were quiet.


Some simple but beautiful announcement pictures taken by the Heritage Blanket Community.

Simple Wrap and Headband

 This one is easy! Plus I think it has to be a favourite of mine. I promise you will love this photo and it will be one you will be taking until that little baby of yours decides to become a Houdini and unwrap herself!

I have a wrapping tutorial too for you so that you can see how easy it is to show of that beautiful lace. Watch that here

 Baby newborn photos in a basket

Im always having a look on marketplace for a cute baby basket! Baskets make a beautiful prop to take your photos in. Plus they make a good change table mat too! Either lay your baby on top of a Heritage Blanket or wrap up again like a burrito and take this photo


wrapped in a muslin


The Heritage Blanket makes a beautiful background too!!! It hides the ugly hospital sheets and give the photo a pretty backdrop. This is actually how I took my own Heidi's picture. Muslins can be really nice for showing of how tiny they are as they wrap more tightly too. The ones I used were made by my favourite Grubbee Kids


Newborn announcement baby pictures

 Of course this is an easy one. I especially love the photo here of Lily laying under her pink blanket. It really draws attention to the profile of her little face. It has to be a favourite of mine that I have been tagged in





Some photo taking tips for your camera.

Dont underestimate how good a phone camera can be! You just need to help it with picking good lighting and you will take a great photo. Pick a spot near the window in the natural light to move the hospital crib next to. Or use the beautiful white hospital sheets as a white and bright background too.


BEAUTIFUL photos are taken in nice light. 

~ pop baby in the natural light

~ do face baby towards the light, baby facing the shadow wont be a great photo

~ be aware of where your standing, you may place a shadow in the photo and this is something you dont want. 

If you have a big girl camera, ditch the auto setting and instead pick the aperture priority setting and turn the F stop down to the lowest it can go.


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