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What to pop in your baby's Keepsake box

Kate Patch | 05 November, 2020

            What to include in a baby keepsake box

On my shelf in my kids room sits three wooden boxes each with my kids names in it. 

It is up on the shelf where they cant reach because the items contained therein are special, keepsakes and non replaceable. But every so often I pull a box down and we open it on the lounge room floor and we go through the photos and trinkets and you can see my kids eyes light up because they know that this box is all about them and they know how much we treasure them.

So where to start and what sorts of items could you put in in?

wooden and tin milestone keepsake boxes

There are so many beautiful business making memory boxes now and I will recommend a few so that you know where to start. But basically you can opt for an engraved wooden box, a wooden box with decal stickers on it or T-leaf collections have just brought out a stunning tin box

Wooden engraved keepsake box by this old love

This engraved wooden box was made by This Old Love (linked) and is a blue mountains based small business.

I personally own a box handmade and engraved by Harley co creative which is a  duo of besties that recently started their business her in the northern river, NSW. I love the size as it will fit everything in it

There is something about the smell of having a wooden  box. It adds to the senses and going down memory lane when you open that box.

My kids boxes are all wooden and sit on their special shelf in their room.

Printed tin keepsake box by tleaf collections

This printed tin keepsake box has me absolutely in love! Possibly if these had been on the market 4 years ago when Luas was little this would have been my pick and I would have these for all three of my kiddos now.

These are made by T-Leaf Collections (linked) who are a husband and wife team who are an absolute joy to watch in their business.

These are a white tin with your personalization printed on the lid and are a beautiful but safe place to store those precious items.


So what things are commonly found in keepsake boxes?

  • First shoes
  • Announcement plaque
  • Blanket
  • First rattle
  • Soft snuggly that was very loved
  • First outfit
  • A favourite bonnet and booties
  • A hair comb
  • Hospital wrist band
  • The little card that gets popped on the hospitals crib with their name and birth details
  • cards from their birth and first birthday.
  • You could also keep a curl from the first haircut!


What else that is special and unique that you could keep?

 unique items for your memory box

  • Coins from their birth year! The Royal Australian mint has a website here
  • An Ultrasound Picture/Pictures
  • A newspaper from the day they were born
  • Some photos, more on that below



Its pretty special to have a collection of photos in the box. I actually love the thought of having loose photos as they will never date. A photo book is another idea if its the right size. But honestly pop some loose photos in. A great place to buy loose high quality photos is Memorable Moments. they have an easy app too. This Aussie business prints your photos with a beautiful white edging (think the retro polaroid phot look) that you can have text added too or if your like me you will just want to handwrite on with the date and a few words.

Memorable moments have shared a discount code for you too!

Get 15% discount on Memorable Moments Retro prints. Use promo code in app: hbretros

Offer valid until Christmas order cut-off 8 Dec 2020 and cannot be combined with other offers. 

Download free photo printing app: https://memorablemomentsapp.com/download



But when its time to pick photos I know you will have so so many and its just plain mean for you to decide which ones to print. But this is where getting all those other photos popped on a usb disc will be good. T-Leaf do a beautiful personalized wooden usb disc boxes! you can check them out here



And remember too the sentimental and keepsake pieces don't just stop when they turn one. I know a lot of mums who have regrets on not having a keepsake box but the thing is you can start collecting things at anytime. I'm sure too that you can hustle u a few things from birth too.

  • School and sports awards
  • A photo from each holiday
  • A photo of them and their birthday cake every year
  • A photo from their first day of school
  • A birthday card from each year
  • Pictures of pets
  • Tickets and mementos from events and experiences
  • A very select few pieces of artwork