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Shopping for kids sustainably

Kate Patch | 03 May, 2021

            Preloved sustainable Kids clothing

When I share a clothing haul on my instagram page I get so many questions and so knew I needed to write an article.


To be honest it has become habit and something that I've gotten into from my second and now my third child. Plus I enjoy it, I enjoy the thrill of finding good quality clothing and brands but still keep to a budget plus having a minimalist drawer of clothing for each child and thats it.
We live in a small house. The kids all share one set of drawers and I keep each child clothing to one drawer. I've learnt that less clothes means I create good habits in my washing routine and it's also hugely satisfying to see order and all pieces of clothing in one drawer to make decisions easy too.
So here are my top tips.
Shopping seasonally Kids and baby clothing
Learn to think ahead and think exactly what is needed for coming seasons. 
Eg winter you may need 5 or 6 jumpers to see you through washing but in summer you would only need 2.
To make thrifting work, you will need to be a season or two ahead so that you don't get caught out when the season has changed and need to do a really mad dash to kmart to stock up on clothes. Although I do love having a good stroll though kmart, it does feel nice not to part ways on money with them!
Capsule wardrobe for kids and babies
Capsule wardrobes.
I try not to buy anything that won't be able to be paired with other items in the kids clothing. Eg I try to buy plain t-shirts or muted stockings so that they will go with everything.
Learn to wash clothing. No stains and keep white
Get good at cleaning and washing.
This one might be odd, but It has been a game changer for me recently. Ive learnt how to wash clothes properly so that I don't get worried about kids getting dirty, buying clothes that may have yellowing and I don't have a "house or daycare" second set of clothing! When you learn to wash properly you will feel like a queen! Good detergent, longer and warm washes is my friend.
 I buy 80% of my kids clothe preloved. I love going op shopping but I also have a love of preloved pages. You can find these pages on instagram usually by searching #kidspreloved or #australianpreloved. Or you could type in preloved in the search bar and get a list of instagram accounts with preloved items. You just need to find ones in Australia and that have your style.
Ive listed a few of my favourites here for you. I shouldn't be giving my secret favourites away, ha there will be more competition! 
When most of your kids clothing has been bought as preloved, you not only have saved the environment but also your wallet. I very happily then will shop small Australian and handmade businesses for a few extra pieces I really love. It feels good to be able to support another woman working from home. The clothes are one of a kind and most likely something you will absolutely love keeping.